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10 Jun

What Are The Toilet Facilities On Kilimanjaro?

The call of nature is an unavoidable truth. We all need to go to the loo some of us, a few times each day or night. However, it's one of […]


22 May

5 Best Highly Recommended Routes To Approach Kilimanjaro

Want to begin your next hiking adventure to a place that touches the vast smokes of blue skies? Kilimanjaro welcomes you!  Kilimanjaro; proudly acquiring the title of the tallest mountain […]


7 May

Whenever You Climb Kilimanjaro, These 3 Things You Never Ignore?

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2 May

“2015” Most Incredible Moments Happens On Mount Kilimanjaro

Basically Mount Kilimanjaro is a year around climbing & trekking destination, but most of the climbers like to climb in between January-March and June-October, because the former seasons are generally colder than the latter & also often quieter.