Tanzania Safari Tours In April – Wildlife, Adventure And Nature At One Place!

If you need to encounter African legacy and culture at its peak, visit Tanzania in April. Despite the fact that Tanzania has seen its ups and downs in recent history, its magnificent past ensures it includes in each explorer’s bucket list.

Believe it or not, the month of April is really a good time for going to Tanzania. It is a low season month and that means that any traveller who is visiting this country will have to face fewer crowds, affordable packages and huge discounts and get permits almost immediately. Thus if you have the desire of enjoying Tanzania Safari Tours peacefully, then coming in the month of April is going to be your best bet. Guess what? Even the posh & lavish accommodations will be willing you provide their best rooms to you and your family at an affordable price.

Now below are those reasons responsible for making Tanzania Safari Holidays so lucrative:

Great Time For Bird Watchers

1.    Yes, the month of April is really a great time for bird watchers in Tanzania. There is a simple reason behind going for this particular month because in almost all the parks of Tanzania the birds breed in plenty. Moreover, the watchers can watch the migratory birds coming from Europe & Northern Africa.

2.    In the month of April, you can watch endemic birds like Ashy Starling, Banded green sunbird, Fischer’s lovebird, Iringa Akalat, Kilombero weaver, Love ridge’s sunbird, Moreau’s sunbird, Pemba green pigeon as well as Pemba sunbird.

3.    In the national parks like Arusha National Park & Lake Manyara National Park, you can also watch some special birds like Bar-tailed Trogan, Bohm’s Spinetail, Livingstone’s flycatcher, long-tailed fiscal, Pale-billed Hornbill, Secretary bird as well as Lappet-faced vulture.

April Marks The Initiation Of The Wildebeest Migration

1.    The month of April marks the start of wildebeest migration and there is a specific reason that explains why it happens only in this particular month? In the month of April, the waterholes start to dry up and the southern part of Serengeti plains have been cut down to stubble by more than a million wildebeest, Zebra & Gazelle by slowly grazing on the fields.

2.    As a consequence, small herds gradually merge into vast columns of wildebeest until the end of March by turning it into a spectacular event for travellers who are on Tanzania Safari Tour organised by Materuni Tours.

3.    Yes, there is a great possibility of observing the migration in April. This mega event also invites the predators in plenty such as lion, leopard & cheetah and their primary objective is to pounce upon the weakest members of wildebeest, Zebra & Gazelle.

Check Out Mafia Island To Snorkel With Whale Sharks

1.    Snorkelling is the best activity in the all the beach islands of Zanzibar especially when it is done in Mafia Island of Zanzibar.

2.    It is an island that welcomes spirited adventurers looking for a gateway that is further off the beaten track than all other islands of Zanzibar.

3.    Coming face to face with the largest aquatic fish in the sea simply stunning & breathtaking in nature and it will be part of one of those permanent memories. The month of April can be a good time.

Treat Yourself With The Luxurious Balloon Ride

1.    While enjoying the Tanzania Safari Tours you can also treat yourself with the luxurious balloon ride even in the month of April. Actually taking the balloon ride in this month will be better than any other month of the year because the open sky is brilliantly clean and clear.

2.    Rising high on the balloon as the sun rises, your hot air balloon will flow in whatever direction the wind blows. It is one of the exciting adventures for the young and the old. Anyway, with the help of the guide, you can spot all the areas and the animals below.

3.    The bottom line is you with all other members of the group will enjoy hanging in a wicker basket above the plains of Serengeti with the sun looking over the horizon and a fresh & energetic wilderness below you charging up for a new day.

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Yes, believe it or not even the wet season months like April provides a lot of Tanzania Safari Tours & adventures to the safari adventurers. Actually, this month is a jackpot for those who want to go for budget safari packages and getting them booked in April saves lots of money. To tailor-make your package, please contact us @ materunitours.com.

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Tips For Preparing Yourself For Tanzania

Here is a preparation manual for visiting Tanzania:-

1.    Please have some realistic budget expectations

2.    Make & plan your own time to visit Zanzibar

3.    Also, be open to last minute changes in the plan

4.    Choose your safari season wisely

5.    Protect your immune system by taking precautions

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