Explore 9 Destinations With Incredible Views During Your Tanzania Safari Tours

To beat the stress out of life, people from all walks of life sometimes take a break from their routine demanding life and head out to different parts of the world. In order to really chill out & have some refreshing vacation overseas, visiting famous national parks around the world is a great idea. Hence, visiting Africa for this specific purpose will also serve your intentions of watching something new & fresh. Thus Tanzania Safari Tours will serve that purpose by showcasing different types of wildlife wonders associated with the natural world. Visiting such a country will open the eyes of numerous visitors that will recognize the things what they were actually missing all these years.


Here are those places, which will unlock a beautiful new place for tourists coming from around the world and are as follows:-

Arusha National Park- Great For Walking Safari

Arusha National Park is a closest national park in the Arusha Town that is actually a multi-facet jewel. It offers to explore a beguiling diversity of habitats within a few hours.

When you enter the park’s gates for the very first time, you will be greeted with inquisitive blue monkeys & colourful Turacos & trogons.

Furthermore, the Tanzania Safari will also provide you with the incredible views of Ngurdoto Crater with its steep & rocky cliffs that surround a wide swampy floor dotted with herds of buffalo & warthogs.

Lake Manyara National Park- The Home Of Diversity

Lake Manyara National Park is an expanse of the lush jungle-like groundwater forest where visitors can watch hundreds of Baboon troops lounging casually & in a carefree manner.

Besides that, you can also watch blue monkeys running lightly between the ancient mahogany trees.

The game drives will also take you through the grassy floodplain of the forest where you can enjoy watching & capturing large buffalo, wildebeest & Zebra herds which gather together on these grassy plains

Mkomazi National Park- A Large Population Of African Game

Mkomazi National Park is a vital refuge for two highly rare & endangered species such as the charming black rhino & sociable African wild dog.

During the visit to this park for the coveted Tanzania Tours And Safaris, visitors can also have the chance to watch the fantastic scenes of fringe-eared Oryx, with its long back & sweeping horns.

Furthermore, holidaymakers can also be able to watch a strange & alien looking animal also known as Gerenuk, a gazelle distinguished by it’s perfectly shaped neck.

Mount Kilimanjaro- Highest Peak Of Africa

People who are Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the first time will eventually come to know that it is the world’s highest free-standing as well as snow-covered mountain. Additionally, the view of the Mount Kilimanjaro as it rises out of the flat Tanzanian scenery is just astonishing in nature.

The foothills of Kilimanjaro are filled with dozens of impressive waterfalls & it is well worth the short side trip to see all of them such as Kuringe Waterfall, which is a striking flow hidden in the dense forest.

While climbing Kilimanjaro, climbers can also watch the Shira plateau known for its beautiful glaciers & is an excellent warm-up for the much steeper hike around you.

Serengeti National Park-The Endless Plains

Serengeti National Park is one of the best & famous national parks in the world. Here, you can view its abundant wildlife, vast golden plains which are dotted with thorny umbrellas & acacia trees.

Apart from that, you will also come in contact with kopjes, and sausage trees as well as its crocodile and hippo-filled rivers while on Tanzania Safari Tours

It also showcases the densest lion population in the world as well as the home to the members of the big five & 500 bird species.    

Tarangire National Park- Home To The Biggest Elephants

People can come here to watch elephants that wander this park in large numbers. Actually, it is the largest habitat for them.

Apart from that, the baobab & acacia trees with abundant green landscapes make Tarangire National Park as a truly picturesque destination.

Additionally, you can also gaze at gazelles, zebras and giraffes from your camping site and don’t forgot watching tree climbing lions resting on tea branches with a tight sleep.    

Zanzibar Beach- Relaxing On The White Sand Beaches

The beaches of Zanzibar is characterised by beautiful sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, warm clear blue waters, peaceful & calm islands.

There are also numerous excellent & beautiful reefs that can be seen through snorkelling & diving. 

You can either observe or indulge in amazing deep sea fishing & water sports activities while enjoying the Zanzibar Holidays.  

Mount Meru- Kili’s Little Brother

Mount Meru is the second highest mountain that comes after Mount Kilimanjaro and home to a wide array of wildlife population which you can watch over during the game drives.

While trekking backpackers can also watch animals like elephants, mountain, reedbuck, buffaloes, giraffes, waterbucks & bushbucks etc.

By choosing our 4 Days Mount Meru Trekking Package, you can get to sightsee & experience unbelievable views of the crater and it is a good region for also indulging in bird watching activity because the birdlife in this section is just amazing. 

Oldoinyo Lengai- Mountain Of God

Oldoinyo Lengai is also known as the mountain of god and known for oozing out specialized lava which is rich with the type of rock known as the carbonatite.

Furthermore, because of the specialised & rare form of lava, the textured hillsides look strange in nature.  

Climbers can also be able to climb this mountain in just six hours and every trekker will get the chance to see breathtaking views of the Great Rift Valley, volcanic formations in the Ngorongoro highlands while getting to the summit.

Hence Tanzania Safari Tours will open an unearthly place for everyone & give a new outlook & perspective about the nature that has been ignored for such a long time. Please visit us @ materunitours.com to know more about the places & if interested, then also book your packages at the earliest.  

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