How Safe Is Zanzibar For Solo Female Traveller?

Most parts of the world are not safe for women due to the rising crime against them. But whenever we talk about Zanzibar, it is termed as some of the few and rare places in the world where women coming across the globe as solo travellers remain safe. There are many reasons for saying so.

Zanzibar Holidays

1)    First, the locals are very friendly towards foreigners especially women.

2)    Second, the locals have a simple lifestyle and they also know that any incident that goes against a foreigner especially women will bring them a bad international reputation.

3)    The locals living in Zanzibar are depended on the revenue coming from foreigners and that’s why they take great care in providing safety for foreign visitors especially single women coming for enjoying a great time in Zanzibar Holidays

But anyway, it will be better to have all your safety precautions in order to avoid any untoward incident:-

► Is Zanzibar Safe For Women Travelling Alone?

Zanzibar Safe For Women

1)    Yes, they are safe if they stay in a hotel known for providing ample safety. They must also use common sense while travelling alone or mingling with locals.

2)    While enjoying & socialising with locals throughout Zanzibar Holiday please try to keep the communication to a minimum especially when talking to local men. 

3)    Don’t let anyone touch or invade your space without your permission and if anyone does that please inform the local law enforcement or hotel management immediately. 

► Safety On The Beaches Of Zanzibar

Safety On The Beaches Of Zanzibar

Beaches of Zanzibar are relatively peaceful. You can spend a lot of time just by laying or walking on the beach while on Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Most of the beaches are lonely but beautiful. No one will ever try to bother you around unless the person is selling or marketing something to you. 

Any single women visitor on the beach must have to be well aware of her surroundings. They must research the crime rate around all the Zanzibar beaches and one that surpasses all the safety parameters must be chosen.

► Dress Conservatively To Avoid Unwanted Attention

1)    It is completely up to you the way you want to dress but if you are really concerned about your safety then please cover most parts of the body

2)    Doing so will help you in avoiding unwanted attention during the Zanzibar Holidays and will give you a lot of relief from stress and thought that someone is following you.

3)    Apart from that always keep a phone or any other communication device to request help in case of emergency.    

► Respect Ramadan Etiquette

Respect Ramadan Etiquette

1)    Your Holidays To Zanzibar can be great if you are respecting their Ramadan etiquette especially when you are visiting this island during Ramadan.

2)    The reason is that 99% of civilians are Muslim inhabitants celebrating Ramadan in a big way. Travellers either they are women or men for foreign regions must respect it at all cost.

3)    So if you are a woman of American or European descent, please refrain from eating food or drinking alcohol while strolling outside in the streets or beaches of Zanzibar.

► Safety In Stone Town

1)    During the day time, the streets of the stone town are relatively safe and all you have to worry about aggressive street vendors and shopkeepers who are just desperate to sell their goods to foreigners.

2)    You have to cautious during the night time because after 10 pm at night Stone town virtually turns into a Ghost town, so if you are venturing in the town at night, please convince someone to accompany you.

3)    Always use a taxi recommended by other trusted expats or friends whom you know personally for years whenever you are travelling at night in Zanzibar.     

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This place has been regarded as one of the safest places in the world and without being safe it wouldn’t have turned up into a great vacationing spot. Thus, there is nothing to fear about and you can spend your days happily by enjoying the Zanzibar Holidays in the way you want. Please visit us @ for more information.

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