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2 May

Why Visit the Serengeti National Park: A Wildlife Safari Like No Other

There’s something about being in the presence of wild animals that is both humbling and awe-inspiring. It’s a feeling that can only be experienced in the wild, and there are […]


19 Jan

Covid-19 update for Visiting Tanzania and where to get PCR tests for Safaris & Mount Kilimanjaro Treks

Covid-19 update for Visiting Tanzania 5 Star rated safari company in Moshi, Tanzania on TripAdvisor READ OUR REVIEWS Covid-19 update for Visiting Tanzania and where to get PCR tests for […]


20 Aug

Experience Tanzania Family Safaris

Visiting Tanzania as a family and going on safari with children is something that we have plenty of experience of, having done so much of it ourselves. For children, Africa […]


20 Aug

Expert Guide on successful climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

From most Mount Kilimanjaro climbers, the main goal is to reach the summit of Africa’s rooftop. Conquering this gigantic mountain is one thing but getting to the peak of Kilimanjaro […]


9 Jan


We’ve been planning wildlife safari holidays in Africa for over a decade now, and before that, we were working in the far-flung reaches of Tanzania.  It goes without saying that […]


8 Jan

Choosing the best Mount Kilimanjaro climbing Route

Although there are a variety of routes offering unique scenery and terrain to Kilimanjaro’s peak, we offer two distinct routes that provide our clients with the best possible chance to […]


10 Jun

What Are The Toilet Facilities On Kilimanjaro?

The call of nature is an unavoidable truth. We all need to go to the loo some of us, a few times each day or night. However, it's one of […]


6 Jun

Who Can Climb Mount Kilimanjaro & What Is Success Percentage?

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest mountain and is one of the world's most iconic pinnacles. Being the world's most astounding freestanding mountain, it draws in around 30,000 hikers every year. […]


29 May

5 Best Things To Know Before You Go On Tanzania Safari Tour

Thinking of going on a Tanzania safari? After all, a wildlife safari is an encounter like no other. Just you and raw, untamed Mother Nature taking at its best. Tanzania […]


17 May

“Tanzania” One Country With Unrivaled Credentials

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